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LogSales from Instamojo to Google Sheets

A nice app to get all your sales from the Instamojo payment gateway into Google Sheets. Sheer convenience! It just frees up your time to do something better than keep track of what sales you made. You can share the sheet with your assistant who can process all the orders received. Do we need to say more?

There are 2 options available.
  1. Time delayed
  2. Real time
The initial signup is always for the "Time delayed" option. In simple terms it is like a shared hosting service. The sales logs that appear in your sheet are delayed between 5 to 15 minutes after the sale has happened. Apart from this, the shared service requires some integration into your existing website apart from some settings in your Instamojo account.

"Real time" is like dedicated hosting. The sales log appear in your sheet as soon as a sale happens. The best thing however, is that it requires no integration. So you need not have a website at all. Just share your Instamojo product link as usual and whoa! - your sheet records your sale. It does require some server side setup which the support team will do once you request the upgrade. If you want to go for the "Real time" option directly, just signup and ask for an upgrade.

Our recommendation is to go for the real time option since it more secure and allows website integration as well, when you want it - at no extra cost. Once all the setup is done, you do not need to redo it. You can use the same link for sharing or use it on your website. No questions asked.

On signup you get the first 100 logs or 1 month free, whichever is earlier. Prolonged use bonus are given after 6 months of continuous use, so your actual costs measure up lower than advertised.


Time delayed: Rs. 500 for 1000 logs or 3 months, whichever is earlier.
Real time: Rs. 1200 for 1000 logs or 3 months, whichever is earlier.
*Pricing gets applied only after the service is operational. You get a full refund if it is not, within 30 days of your signup.

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