-Diabetes is a condition - change the condition and it is gone.

-Understand Hypertension to say goodbye to it.

-Dental plaque, bleeding gums - you need healing, not surgery.

-Surgery is the last resort, not the first choice.

-Stress - the number 1 enemy.

-Aging - what is it?

Diabetes is a condition...

...not a disease. Well... Type 2 diabetes to be specific.

To beat it, you need to understand it completely. So before we tell you what to do, a few things about your body you need to know. They do not teach this, even in medical school - but this is not black magic, just a few rules you already know are true.

Your body is in balance with the environment you create for it - if you are an adult and take your own decisions. For children, parents control the environment around them. You get the idea?

Generally, the body is what it is. It is the environment we can control. Not effecting enough control on the environment makes the body go into a "diabetic condition".

Here are the rules about your body - remember them:

  • An upset stomach will cause blood sugar to go high.
  • Your body needs Glucose to burn as cellular energy and Insulin to carry it to the cells for burning.
  • Insulin is produced by small "Islets of Langerhans" - that is a group of cells found on top of the pancreas that specialize in making insulin.
  • "Activity" causes insulin production, more blood glucose gets burnt and hence the blood sugar metric goes down.
  • Inactivity causes blood sugar to remain "as is" - since cell do not demand glucose and hence insulin is not produced to carry glucose to the cells - simple.
  • Activity will cause blood sugar to go down - as cellular demand increases, insulin production increases, thus, reducing sugar in the blood.
  • Glucose can come from glucose (intravenous injection), sucrose (sugar), fructose (cane sugar, fruits) and lactose (milk). On a scale of 10, glucose is 10, sucrose is 8, fructose is 3, lactose is 2. This means you need to drink 5 large glasses of milk to get 1 teaspoon of glucose. The numbers are an approximation to give an idea. The real numbers are more complicated but follow the same general principle.
  • A typical day for your body: get up sleepy eyed in the morning, have delicious baked breakfast, snooze around a bit and go for work (on a weekday), walk easy at work or sit at the desk till noon, have lunch and a coffee in between with a bag of chips or coke, again sit at the desk or walk easy at your job, have another coffee or tea and wait for the work shift to get over, go home in your car or bus, get home, freshen up, have another glass of coffee/tea/coke, snooze around and have a fulsome dinner, watch TV till you fall asleep with a headache, wake up sleepy eyed next morning, repeat till weekend. On the weekend, no work, enjoy time with friends/family, delicious breakfast/lunch/dinner, a couple more coffee/tea/coke breaks with movies and popcorn. A beautiful life till you get into the condition of diabetes. We will revisit this as we progress in our understanding.
  • Our body is 70% water. And so is the earth's surface. Note the balance with which nature creates and sustains. We are surface beings.
  • Stress beats its position to number 1 among all the points above. We did not mention it earlier because the mere mention of it causes stress. To know more about stress refer this page. In its simplicity, physical stress (hard physical work), chemical stress (medicines down the throat that has chemicals unknown by the body) and biological stress (injury, anxiety, pregnancy, mental work as in solving puzzles) are the 3 basic basic types of stress - without sub-categorization.

Here are the rules about your environment:

  • Breathing is what makes you alive. Death is the ceasing of breath. Rhymes does'nt it? Loss of breath for 3 minutes can cause death.
  • Water is what keeps you going. Our bodies are 70% water. Not drinking water for 60 days can cause death. Note that it is 3 minutes in case of not taking air (not breathing).
  • Sun and Food - vegetables and fruits - are the next most important in the list that maintains the environment of your body. A vitamin less, and you will end up in Intensive Care Unit - if you are lucky. Food of any type ultimately goes into making of glucose and are a source of all the proteins in the body.
  • Lactose =>(converts to)=> Fructose =>(converts to)=> Glucose which is transported by Insulin to the cells for consumption. Remember the rules of the body? Well, here things come a full circle. Your body lives till the time it is in balance with the environment. A slight imbalance causes a "condition" (misinterpreted as a disease since the symptoms are seen on the body). A large imbalance causes death.

Getting rid of Diabetes

We could have said: Managing Diabetes. Yes?


Managing Diabetes means, you "accept" it as a disease. Once you accept it, it IS. And more than a disease of the body, it is a disease of the mind that accepts something which is not true, as true - since it is not a disease - it is merely a condition.

The disease of the mind is more profound. The effect of this is as follows:

  • One becomes drug-doctor-test dependent. Since, managing it is tied to a drug, a doctor and routine testing. Here starts the pharma and health industry with its armageddon of specialists, testing services, cloud based apps, measuring and tracking devices, drug dosages and the story of "maintaining" your lifestyle, when "changing" is what you should be exactly doing for a longer, healthier and more peaceful life.
  • Instead of being responsible for your own health, you mentally outsource it to the doctor who outsources it to the drug and the test results. You are eternally stuck in this loop. You are made to wait in the long queue of patients after an appointment after appointment after appointment (that is not a typo!). With stress adding up like this, the number 1 cause of ALL diseases remains to haunt. In the final analysis, no one is responsible. You cannot sue the doctor, who cannot sue the pharma company. And even if you can, you remain the final sufferer, since you decided to outsource your own health or the health of your child, instead of owning it up and doing everything in your power to get it right.
  • You become and are treated as a "market" for the medical services, cloud based apps, fitness and testing devices. They sell it, then they ask to fill in the survey and the data - which are then analysed (data analytics) to target even more expensive products during even more emergency conditions - since the severity of the diabetic condition will only rise if nothing is done. No one is really interested to solve your problem. But can you blame them, since you yourself are not interested to rectify it? Be the change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi - is what you should gun for - nothing less. Sue yourself by trying to get it right - it is called "practice makes perfect".

Understanding the change

We said, it is not black magic. So, understanding why - is critical.

It is also so, since, it is YOU who has to effect this change. Understanding it helps you to take your own decisions and get the timing right. The method and the timing are both important. We can tell the method. The timing is what will need to control yourself. As in cricket if you need to hit a six, you need a good method and good timing. The coach can tell you the method, but to be known as a good batsman (or bowler or fielder or umpire), it is YOU who needs to get the timing right. And when you get it right, you WIN - for sure.


First things first. Getting down stress and stress factors by 20% will help you make it in the first shot 80%.

Identify your stress factors.

It could be anything external such as a bad boss, unsatisfying work, non-recognition, politics against you, work location too far, too less money for far too much work and so on. Make a list.

It could be anything internal such as not having a friend to share a joke or pain with, unforgiving and shameless relatives, jealosy within of another's progress and so on. Make a list.

But here too, the number 1 stress factor goes unnoticed. Stop this habit and see your life change. It is so simple, that it takes its time for the understanding to sink in.

And the first prize goes to...


waiting for the red light to turn green, waiting for the pedestrian to cross, waiting for the doctor in queue, waiting for the bus, waiting for the winning number to be announced on the lottery, waiting for the program to compile, waiting for the computer to respond, waiting on the phone queue while phone-banking, waiting for customer support to call back, waiting the device to boot, waiting for friday, waiting for retirement, waiting for the plane, waiting for the channel to tune when you surf, waiting at the billing counter in the queue - long wait, short wait, shortest wait - the act of waiting in the Number 1 stressor. Change the habit of waiting and you are on your way to health and wealth (no kidding).

Change the act of waiting? eh! that is impossible - is your first thought. How the hell can you stop waiting? This article is crap.

True. Changing the habit of waiting is no mean task. But people starting to fly was neither. And there have been examples of far too many human endeavors - both collective and individual - that rose from the realm of impossibility and nay sayers - to success. Changing a little individual habit is nothing in comparison - especially when you now know that it exists - and are now ready to effect the changes yourself. Yes? Let's move...

How to change this habit? It is so simple, but so hard at the same time.

What you require is a Mantra. Not some long explanation and beating around the bush.

And the Mantra is...


No kidding. Stop waiting for the bus - it will come - listen to the sound of the wind and the rain, soak up the sun, talk to your friends. Stop waiting for the doctor - think about upskilling to get a better job while in-queue. Stop waiting for the computer to boot - go drink a glass of water and come back. Stop waiting for the lottery ticket announcement - check it next day if you were the winner. Stop waiting for the red light to turn green - listen to a local radio station for music you love. Stop shifting channels - go sleep.